Great Britain – London
8 May 2016
Italy – Trent + Porto Torres + Pisa
8 May 2016

Spain – Castel D’Aro


We had two “Olympics for Peace” in Spain, at the Mariapolis Centre at Castel D’Aro close to Girona and in Madrid. “At Castel D’Aro there were 20 of us boys and girls.  The rules of our Olympics were the ones used in Sport4Peace, to do every sporting activity so as to build peace.  We helped one another and those with more training helped the smaller ones.  If there were problems we said sorry.  Some young people came from the St Coloma di Farners School, which is part of the LIVING PEACE project.  One of them, a girl aged 14, is an Ambassador for Peace, an award she was given by the Universal Circle of Ambassadors for Peace because of her particular testimony”.

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