Austria – Vienna
7 May 2016
Brazil – Rio de Janeiro
7 May 2016

Hungry – Sopron


On the first of May 2004 Hungary entered the European Union. To remember this event a half marathon (21 Km) is organise every year which starts from Eisenstadt in Austria and ends in Sopron in Hungary. This year, following the tensions on the border because of the many migrants, we asked the organisers if we could hold the Run4Unity during this event so as to give it the meaning of a race for peace. “Sopron is a Hungarian city on the border with Austria and Slovakia – write the Teens for Unity in Hungary – this is why we had the idea of inviting our friends from neighbouring countries. 40 girls and boys from Slovakia came and the same number from Austria”. Some people in our community were in touch with a refugee camp in Austria so we were able to invite them to come to the race for peace. 20 came and they ran from Eisenstadt to the border with Hungary. Then they handed on the baton and we continued to the end. In the end we took a photo with the Cup and sent it to the young people who ran the first part with us. They sent us their photo and so we were all very happy about the Cup we had won and struggled for together!”

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