8 May 2016
Bulgaria – Rakovski
8 May 2016

Egypt – Cairo


It was an unforgettable day!
“Not only did hundreds of boys and girls run with us but also our teachers and the heads of school! We drew strength from being all together from different schools involved in LIVING PEACE, to give greater visibility to our commitment to build a culture of Peace, which has been going on for 5 years now”.
“Hello everyone, my name is Salsabil, I am a Muslim girl.  I am convinced that we young people are the main bearers of peace in the world.  Even a smile in the morning and a friendly gesture can bring light.  We know that we are different but this does not mean being enemies.  I am sure that every true Muslim can put up their hand, wherever they are, and say: I support peace!  Let’s start from here to be an example of unity wherever we are!”

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