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8 May 2016
Brasil-Maceio 1-small

Video – Maceio – Brazil

8 May 2016

 Mexico – Puebla

Do you know where Acatzingo de Hidalgo is? It is a city 50 Km south of Puebla, in Mexico. Teenagers, young people, adults and families ran […]
8 May 2016

India – Mumbai

The Run4Unity in Mumbai was split into four parts. Four events were held over four weeks! “We organized games with some boys and girls who were […]
8 May 2016

Jordan – Amman

100 balloons rose up into the Middle Eastern sky to plead for peace. That is how the Run4Unity ended in Amman, Jordan. “There were about 100 […]
8 May 2016

Albania – Durrës

The Run4unity was held in Durrës: Christian and Muslim students from two schools went out into the main square together to show their unity and say […]
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