Indonesia | Yogyakarta SAR | RIDE4Unity

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Indonesia | Yogyakarta SAR | RIDE4Unity
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Our “Fun-Bike” for Run4Unity concludes in Bantul, Yogyakarta, attended by 75 children and forty adults, the majority of whom are Muslims. We began cycling just after dawn, departing the same time from 4 different meeting points. There was great enthusiasm among all that never waned, not even with the heavy rain that started to pour right at the beginning. We had expected a hot day with a scorching sun. Instead, the rain refreshed all the roads we had passed. After an hour  we reached our final destination, where people of the village welcomed us with music and song. We held our program in a pendopo (a traditional, open hall where villagers normally hold their important events), built after an earthquake in 2006, with the help of Action for a United World. There we shared the message of Run4Unity, demonstrating it through games prepared together with our older youth. With one voice, we openly declared our ‘Yes!’, committing ourselves to spreading peace and unity wherever we are, beginning with ourselves.

Inspite of the rain...

Inspite of the rain…

Pendopo: the meeting placePendopo : our meeting place

Towards a single destination

Towards a single destination…

Through the rice fieldsThrough rice paddies…

Sharing the meaning of the day

Sharing the meaning of the day…

Together for peace and universal brotherhoodTogether for peace and universal brotherhood

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  1. Bellissimo vedere i Rpu dell’Indonesia! per me la prima volta! Grazie, Walter kostner

  2. We had so much fun! Yet the unity built among the kids participating in the event Ride4Unity is even greater than the happiness we shared! One