R4U- El Paso, Texas!

After months of preparation and hard work the day the Teens4Unity have been waiting for finally arrived. May 12 was the day of the Run4Unity 2012 in El Paso, Texas. All our hard work payed off and together with our friends and family, as well as new friends, we celebrated unity around the world. It was a beautiful morning (the El Paso whether decided to cooperate with us). We took time to set up the baseball field for the events of the day and...

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USA | Dallas | R4U 2012

In Dallas, the Run4Unity took place in the context of a “Family Day”. We were around 30 youth and we based our day on the 6 mathemathic symbols which express the 6 Yeses. We tried to understand them not only by reading and explaining each one of them, but especially by putting them into practice through games or workshops… For example, one of the girls expressed how the signs can be a help in everyday life… that’s exactly what we try to do! It was an amazing day... everybody, from the youngest to the oldest one, was participating in the games very actively… or listening when somebody was talking… There were not “little groups” among us, but we were altogether! In fact, we could really feel the unity between everyone, which, we believe, was what made the day so amazing! We were able to have a Skype connection with two different cities, but we were not able to get connected with the R4U web site… But now we can see how amazing it was everywhere! We're happy to be part of this Rainbow of Peace!

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USA | Chicago | Our Day has Begun!

We are gathered for the Chicago area Run 4 Unity here at Timothy Christian School in Elmhurst, IL.  Even though it’s rainy and gray outside, the energy and enthusiasm is high!  We are over 60 youth ages 9 to 17 from Chicago and the suburbs.  This morning, several youth had the opportunity to visit different nursing homes and spend time together with the elderly to live different aspects of this year’s Run 4 Unity theme, such as “Yes to...

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