On Sunday, May 2nd, we invite everyone to participate in the Run4Unity world relay race which will take place between 11.00 a.m. and 12.00 p.m. in each time zone. How? Those who can't go outdoors to run - because of the pandemic - will also be able to live it with energy and joy through the web. What are the steps to take?
1) Let's look around in our city and our country for those who want to "run" with us and let's agree on an online connection.
2) Let's look for someone among our acquaintances who lives in a time zone after ours and is happy to connect with us and "virtually receive the baton."
3) Let's agree on what to do during the online connection for the relay (... let’s not put limits to our creativity, but don’t forget the TIME-OUT for PEACE at 12:00!
4) The adults (assistants, animators, families, etc ..) can register the participation of the group through the Google form link ( which you can find here below ) so that every small or big online event will appear on the world map that from hour to hour will spread on earth a big rainbow of peace.
We will follow you through the website www.run4unity.net and social networks. Write us your experiences and ideas! In "Trello | Materials" you will find all the materials to circulate among the Gen3 and T4U.