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Guide and Flier for R4U Online

Suggestions for R4U Online


News will be on various social media as they arrive.

Sharing of videos and photos

You can share photos and videos using facebook, youtube, etc. you can also send them through WhatsApp using our number: +393485725890.
Also, we kindly ask you to send us 15 high resolution significant quality photos  (using dropbox, weshare or other). If you make a video show, we are also interested in getting its high resolution version.



Logos and other graphic materials

Logo 2020 Run4Unity Centenary Chiara Lubich: JPEG

Logo 2020 Run4Unity Pathway Yellow: JPEG

Logo 2020 Run4Unity Pathway White: JPEG

Logo Teens : PNG

Logo Settimana Mondo Unito :  JPEG

Logo United World Project : SVG

Logo Living Peace : SVG

Logo Sportmeet : SVG