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Here in the Holy Land, Run4Unity was held May 13 in the natural landscape and archeology of Caesarea Maritima, with more than 400 boys and girls between 12 to 17 years old, from the Palestinian territories and cities of Israel, Christians, Muslims and Jews.
Run4unity: TOGETHER FOR A UNITED WORLD. This was written  in a large banner in the background of the stage, and this was the feature and the goal of the event: to collaborate in building a piece of the world united in diversity, seeing in it a precious thing, not something that divides us.
To give this message, this year we launched 6 points, summarized in « 6 YES » YES TO PEACE, YES TO RESPECT, YES TO CREATION (ecology), YES TO LIFE AND FAMILY, YES TO SOLIDARITY AND YES TO A FAIR ECONOMY. Every ‘YES’ was connected to a mathematical sign, which was also printed on T-shirts and 9 cubes that formed the backdrop of the stage.
The games in the first part of the program and the show later revolved around these 6 Yes. A race in which the 400 participants, divided into 18 teams, competed with another team during the 9-game set.
The boys and girls were the real actors and directors of this event for weeks are devoted to preparing the various skits, dances, songs (in English, Hebrew and Arabic, with messages of peace and unity), the presentation  in two different languages ​​…

You could catch the joy in the faces of participants, the joy of being together, joy and consciousness of having lived an unforgettable moment. Caesarea had been the scene of battles and conquests, and had seen the alternation of Jews, Christians, Muslims. But now we were together without strife or desire to prevail, but together to build a better future.
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Partecipanti: 400

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