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We are gathered for the Chicago area Run 4 Unity here at Timothy Christian School in Elmhurst, IL.  Even though it’s rainy and gray outside, the energy and enthusiasm is high!  We are over 60 youth ages 9 to 17 from Chicago and the suburbs.  This morning, several youth had the opportunity to visit different nursing homes and spend time together with the elderly to live different aspects of this year’s Run 4 Unity theme, such as “Yes to Responsibility!” and “Yes to Solidarity!”  Mikayla and Eunice, age 15, shared that their experience was “peaceful” and that there was a “strong presence of love.”  They had the opportunity to help the elderly make crochet plastic mats woven from plastic bags for the homeless.  At first they thought it would take 7,000 plastic bags to make each mat so they collected many bags, but later they found out it only takes 700 bags-so now they have lots of extra bags to make more mats!  Santi, age 11, had the chance to spend time at another nursing home where the youth spent the morning playing games with the elderly and making popcorn for them.  Santi shared that it “felt like spending time with family” and that the experience was “very fun.”  One older gentleman at the nursing home shared that he has several children but hadn’t seen them in over a year; he was so happy to see the youth from Run 4 Unity and spend time with them!  These are just a few of the fruits of our experience of trying to live “Together for a united world.”  We are continuing to go ahead this afternoon with living this world-wide experience in our local community![AFG_gallery id=’69’]


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