A bit of history

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A bit of history
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The Teen for Unity Movement began during the Easter season of 1984 with the aim of involving as large a number of teenagers as possible in the project of “building a united world”.
They initiate the most varied of activities to reach this goal pursuing the so called “pathways to unity”.

They organise meetings, one day programmes and gatherings in schools to make their lifestyle known to many teenagers. They make use of musical bands, songs and artistic presentations to communicate messages of peace and unity. They organise sports competitions, games and recreational activities, which while keeping them physically fit also serve to build new relationships. They promote ecological activities. They organise peace marches and play a leading role in activities at a local and worldwide level to achieve it.

They practice and promote a new culture, that of giving and sharing. Like in a great planetary family, they maintain a worldwide level communion of goods, where those who have more share with those who have not.

They support 30 “Give projects” in 27 countries across the world. These are micro-projects in favour of their fellow teenagers who are poor or who live in war-torn countries.

They launched the “Schoolmates” project in 2002. Class students in different countries correspond with each other, thanks to a website, and share their cultures, traditions and projects already underway to build a united world. Classes can support scholarships for teenagers in disadvantaged countries through a solidarity fund.

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