R4U- El Paso, Texas!

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After months of preparation and hard work the day the Teens4Unity have been waiting for finally arrived. May 12 was the day of the Run4Unity 2012 in El Paso, Texas. All our hard work payed off and together with our friends and family, as well as new friends, we celebrated unity around the world. It was a beautiful morning (the El Paso whether decided to cooperate with us). We took time to set up the baseball field for the events of the day and never have i seen so many people working together to get the job done. Our very own members even brought out some hidden talents that day. Who knew one of us was a DJ!? after setting up outside we quickly moved into the gym and welcomed our guest who eagerly awaited us. Through the course of our indoor presentation, we shared experiences over how segregation in our community and bullying could affect one person in such a major way and also had activities to help each one of us feel included as well as accepted. We even had (insert name of the culture) guests who shared a beautiful cultural dance. Towards the end we even got to video chat with other members in Dallas. We presented to them our dance about bullying which featured the song “Without You” by Usher. It was amazing to see how technology was able to connect us over such vast distances. When we got outside it was easy to see that everyone was looking forward to the games and doughnuts. The games were based around our “Yeses” and everyone seemed to have a blast participating in each one. People who didn’t really know each other or never held a conversation came together and enjoyed a beautiful event. At the end we ate delicious hot dogs and pizza and all began to socialize with each other. It was easy to see that every person present that day left with a new perspective and a new idea. The idea that the world can function as one and if everyone united we could be change the world in a positive and just way. No one was afraid to be the change that day and i hope and pray they never lose that new found confidence.

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